Professional Services


The application of radioactive tracers and sealed sources in industry is as diverse as industry itself. Radioisotopes allow the tracing of subsurface fluid and gas flow, chemical plant processes, abrasion, corrosion, location of buried pipelines and line stoppage, as well as the measurement of variations in density and chemical content. NSSI provides knowledgeable and experienced staff to plan, execute, and evaluate all phases of field service projects and insure that they are conducted safely and in compliance within the NSSI license(s) and that they provide the information desired by the customer as outlined in the Statement of Work.


NSSI provides specialized equipment and trained and knowledgeable staff for decontamination of equipment and facilities contaminated with radioactive materials during the use of radioactive materials or as a result of a radioactive spill. Immediate service for all decontamination procedures is provided by an experienced health physics staff to perform the actual cleanup and to advise the customer on possible legal implications and on the handling of public statements.
Specialized decontamination areas are maintained at the NSSI facility for the decontamination of equipment. High pressure washing, steam cleaning, and other specialized technologies are available to address unusual contamination problems. NSSI's experience with waste and waste disposal assures that all decontamination residues are acceptable for disposal at permitted land disposal sites and treatment facilities.


NSSI offers a complete consulting service to fit the needs of users of radioactive materials, radiation producing equipment, and hazardous chemicals. The consulting services include, but are not limited to, permit and license assistance, radioactive or chemical handling procedures, facility design, transportation, compliance issues, expert witness, etc.


NSSI maintains multiple radioactive material licenses and a part B hazardous permit and NSSI personnel remain abreast of the latest regulations and requirements in both areas through ongoing training and education. NSSI provides assistance with documentation, record keeping, and permitting for facilities that wish to utilize third party evaluations of their health and safety programs and assistance with compliance issues. For smaller companies that may not have adequate staff to justify the expense of specific compliance personnel, NSSI can provide competent and experienced personnel and documentation to assure the safe operation of the facility and aid management in insuring that their facility meets all regulatory compliance limits.


NSSI's permits to accept and treat radioactive, mixed, and hazardous waste materials allow NSSI to provide waste treatability studies to determine the chemical and mechanical treatments necessary to convert a waste to a form suitable for final disposal. On-site permitted units allow treatability studies for any waste volume.


NSSI provides instrument calibration services for radiation survey and monitoring instrumentation. NSSI maintains a full spectrum of alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron calibration sources traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. Source activities range from microCurie to multiple Curie.