Radiological Services

Radiological Services

Our fully trained staff of Radiation Technicians can perform radiation surveys, troubleshoot/repair nuclear level/density gauges, perform pipe changes, provide leak test services, assist with radioactive material transportation, calibrate survey meters, handle sealed sources, and many more services. NSSI also provides storage services, Type A Container rental, shielding rental, and disposal services. We can also provide consulting services for license applications, Sealed Source Device Registries, and any other regulatory communications. NSSI is one of only three facilities in the United States providing storage and treatment of mixed hazardous/radioactive wastes. Additionally, NSSI conducts innovative research on tritium recovery methods that are robust.


Nuclear Density and Level Gauges

NSSI employs experienced and fully trained field service engineers specializing in the repair and servicing...
Pipe Changes

Disassembly of the Thermo Fisher SGD-O system is only allowed by specific licensees with particular conditions on their agreement state license.
Instrument Calibration

NSSI provides instrumentation calibration services for a wide variety of instruments and manufacturers. Our calibration range and NIST traceable...
Radiological and Environmental Surveys

Trained NSSI personnel can perform and document surveys at your facility to ensure compliance with state and...
Leak Testing Services

State and federal regulations require that sealed sources be leak tested at regular intervals. NSSI is authorized to distribute leak test kits and...
Gauge & Sealed Source Disposal

NSSI accepts a wide range of sources and gauges from various manufacturers (including transuranic and Special...

Recent regulatory changes have limited the amount of time your valuable industrial gauges or sources can remain in storage. NSSI can assist with the...

NSSI transports radioactive materials in our own vehicles in the greater Houston area and within Texas. If you have transportation needs outside...
Consulting Services

NSSI can also provide consulting services for:
  • Radioactive Material License Applications & Amendments
  • Sealed Source Device Registries
Training Services

Our NSSI instructors have experience in a wide variety of disciplines that use radioactive material including industrial, medical, laboratory, and...
Tritium Recovery Lab

  • Oxidizes mixed waste in a catalytic furnace at high temperature
  • Destroys all EPA codes with efficiencies > 99.99999%